Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Logistic Services Can Synergy Provide For My Company?
Synergy's logistic business unit includes: warehousing, distribution, purchase order fulfillment, transportation or a combination of all of these operations. The bottom line to outsourcing your company's logistics is to save time, space and money. If you allow us to manufacture your parts, why not let us "warehouse it", "distribute it" or "ship it" for you.

How Can Reverse Engineering Parts Help My Company?
When we help to reverse engineer a part for our customers, it usually involves a part that is either "obsolete" or used in "after market" applications. An "obsolete" part may allow your company to break into a lucrative after-market or niche part of your business. Providing an obsolete part will also give you another avenue to satisfy your customer. An "after market" application gives you the flexibility to procure your own spare parts rathe than relying on the original equipment manufacturer. The OEM wants to sell their equipment, not spares. If you design your own spares, you will save both time and money every time.

Does Synergy Procure Products From Overseas?
All of our significant manufacturing partnerships are domestic. Most of our parts and designs are custom and proprietary. For that reason, we like to manufacture our products domestic. Sometimes a commodity driven product will require us to source overseas. In that instance, we will discuss this strategy with our customer before going overseas.


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